Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Flowing with positive emotions.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Professionals qualified in the field of psychology and pedagogy.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Make the best of us.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
A team of professionals oriented training and advice in the field of human.

Desenvolupament Humà offers the possibility of learning through leisure activities in open spaces or nature. It is shown that changing the common work space and a state of relaxation, outside the classroom to enhance learning achieved more quickly, generating more confidence and a more positive attitude among participants. From the playful side and experiential achieved break down barriers that separate us and limit us while actually working together. If learning is fun are more receptive to incorporate more suggestions for improvement.

The activities aimed at team cohesion, leadership, negotiation, specifying objectives, flexibility, creativity, confidence intra and interpersonal activities ... are exempt from risk and increase the segregation of endorphins (hormones welfare) By these sessions examines personal attitudes with regard to teamwork or leadership skills or resources and develop improvement.

Benefits of outdoor training:

  • Increase cooperation and team cohesion
  • Improving the emotional climate and motivation
  • Facilitates conflict resolution
  • Develop positive feelings promoting a sense of belonging
  • Increase leadership
  • Develop creativity and personal talents

We also have the option to arrange, through subcontractors, training with special activities (such as mountaineering, several circuits, sports, theater ...)