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Dear ones

These days, the word HEALTH is in the mouths of many. When talking with family or friends we ask: How are you doing? How are you health

We are experiencing a huge emotional impact with this health crisis and it has health implications, both personally and collectively. For people who are sick with the virus, especially those who have unfortunately died and families suffer the loss of their loved ones, without being able to say goodbye in person. Secondly, because of the drastic change in our daily lives, when we are confined at home, because of the pressure we are working on, and also because of the uncertainty of the future.

When we slowly leave behind this situation of health crisis that is affecting us so much, we will return to a certain routine, but not from where we left off, but from another level, because we have accumulated a balance of stress very important negative and that can be further increased by what may come next: The economic and socio-political crisis.

They will not be easy times, which is why we will need to stay calm to face and overcome this immediate future.

A phrase that I repeat during times of crisis, is: "A good sailor, a good sailor, is shown when the sea is calm, when there is a big storm, not when it is calm." Now we have the perfect storm.

Health is not to be sick ?. Health is more than what happens to our body. We talk about holistic health, understood as a whole, that has a systemic effect on us.

Health is well-being, health is positivism, optimism, coherence, serenity and inner peace. Health is to enjoy the little things of life, it is energy, vitality, joy, sense of humor, laughter, it is to have projects, illusion, happiness, kindness, ethics, honesty, simplicity, responsibility, ... health it is also the capacity for resilience, self-improvement, learning and adaptation. Health is LOVE, love for us, love for others, love for what we do, love for what we have, love for nature. Health is to feel grateful and reconciled to our origins and ancestors.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as complete, physical, mental and social well-being.

We talk about mental health, emotional health, spiritual health and physical health.

Holistic health is mental health , it is the health of our thoughts, as we think we see and interpret reality. If we think of positive we will see one reality, if we think of negative we will see another totally different reality, sometimes opposite.

Holistic health is emotional health , that is, the health of our emotions. If we know how to identify them, accept them, express them honestly and manage them in a positive way, we will have more emotional health, otherwise they will overflow with incredible ease, causing much suffering to others and to us. We can become ill if emotions are toxic and make us see reality in a distorted way.

Health is spirituality , it connects with something bigger, with the meaning of life, it identifies what legacy we want to leave, what learning we have in this life. Spirituality is not necessarily religion. We can become ill and even die when we have no meaning in life.

Holistic health is also obviously the health of our body , nourishing ourselves soundly, sleeping soundly, breathing healthy, relaxing, healthy sexuality, healthy habits, physical activity ... it increases the health of our body. We are responsible for taking care of our physical body. The disease does not always begin in the body. We may have a chronic physical illness and have more holistic health than another person who is apparently in good physical health.

On the YouTube channel you have a guided view to travel to a place to promote holistic health.



The more times you travel to this ideal place and incorporate pleasant sensations from the senses, such as sounds, music, smells, perfumes, objects, colors, touch, the more intense this film will be recorded. You will anchor pleasant sensations.

Anytime you want or need it, just by hearing the sounds, perceiving the smells, remembering the objects, or feeling the touch, you automatically connect to this visualization, as if you were a link.

Each time you practice breathing patterns, incorporate a holistic image of health, visualizing yourself in a state of well-being and serenity.


I wish you a lot of holistic health, love and serenity to overcome this situation