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From the gaze of the constellations


SATURDAY , January 25 , 2020 From 9.30 am to 13.30 pm

Let's start a new year. It is the time to define wishes, projects and it would be very positive to start it with excitement. For some people, the beginning of the year is a period of stress, apathy, demotivation ...

We propose to take part in this workshop where we will have a broader and clearer look at any aspect of our future, be it wishes, personal projects, professional, affective relationships, or improvement of self-esteem.

A broad gaze means having more information from the conscious and also the unconscious to know how to orient ourselves fluently in the path of personal well-being, abundance, success and love. We will become aware of whether we are well focused, if we need to incorporate or dismiss some aspect in our life (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, ways of doing, feeling, being). The methodology we will use will be the CONSTELLATIONS.

We will do this from the intimacy of each other , meaning that no one will know what is being constrained, so you can attend with other well-known people, because the work will be reserved solely and exclusively by the person who wants. look to their future.


Decide on your own future, because it's there, where you'll spend the rest of your life

For information and reservations please contact:

This workshop will be held in Teià (Maresme)
Hours: From 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Investment per session: € 50
Trainer / Facilitator of new learning and change process:


TERESA PUYOL : Pedagogue, coach, expert in emotional management, constellations and trainer of HOLIGYM (holistic gymnastics).