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Imagine that you are in a cave next to the fire and suddenly you feel that there is a beast around you. When you turn your head, you see a huge lion throwing itself at you. Automatically the brain will give the order to be alerted and activate all the necessary mechanisms of protection or fight. Your body will react to a series of drastic changes in your physiology. This innate, automated response is part of our way of functioning as living beings and is called stress .

When it is interpreted that one is in a situation of danger, difficulty or fear, a physiological as well as a psychological response appears. There are changes in respiratory and cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and hormonal rhythms, which prepare the whole body to be alert and adapt to situations, whether real or imaginary. The body is always ready to respond to a new demand. The way experiences are interpreted will be what will determine behavior and feelings.

Hans Selye states that the most important thing is not what we face, but the way we do it . We humans have the ability to decide how to react consciously and with creative proposals, rather than being dragged along by more visceral, victimistic, or reptilian attitudes.

The concept of stress is used colloquially to refer, basically, to a situation of fatigue, overflow, saturation, or blockage. Stress is a physiological reaction of the body to a new external or internal factor that activates the sympathetic nervous system.

Positive stress or Eustress is the biological reaction to a situation that is interpreted as positive and causes joy, energy, well-being, excitement or desire. Situations that will cause us stress can be: good news, an award, a project that we are passionate about, a trip, a meeting with people we love, etc.

Even if our body responds physically, the balance of this situation, when positive, allows us to regain balance quickly (homeostasis).


Negative stress or Distress

We have an episode of negative stress or distraction when we are subjected to excessive stimuli or demands that exceed our own adaptive abilities and psycho-emotional-mental balance. The body needs to relax to recover from the effects of stress, to harmonize its own energy. If we are subjected to constant distress, the body does not recover and ends up somatizing or getting sick.

We need to incorporate ingredients into our daily lives that increase our doses of stress in order to keep us in a state of serenity and inner balance.

I encourage you to listen to this short audio to keep you calm.




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