Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Flowing with positive emotions.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
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Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
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Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
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Dear ones,

First of all, I would like to thank all the people in front of you, all of you who take care of people in all areas. Make it possible, thanks to your hard work, dedication and courage, so that the rest of us can stay home with everything we need.



From personal responsibility, confined at home, we have postponed all face-to-face training and take the opportunity to share some thoughts.

We are facing one of the challenges that has never been experienced before. We are facing global uncertainty. Humanity has suffered dramatic situations from wars, epidemics, catastrophes ... but there has been no situation as expansive as it is now, affecting all of us, in many areas of life and globally. As we are globalized, we are already aware that EVERYONE AFFECTS EVERYTHING, in a systematic way and depends on each one of us, from responsibility and solidarity, that we learn from this situation and implement positive changes to incorporate more well-being, ethics, solidarity and love for all and respect for nature.

Public administrations and entities of any kind that can make a positive contribution by giving us health, confidence, well-being and solutions must be called for. We have the rights as citizens to demand that each one do what is right for them. We also have a responsibility to contribute, from patience, solidarity and conscience, to protecting ourselves to be as healthy as possible for ourselves and others.

In crisis situations, humans react in two ways: those that exploit, manipulate and generate more chaos and conflict, or those that bring their generosity, creativity, solidarity and commitment.

I also want to contribute some seeds from my knowledge, to help you face this crisis situation with strength and calmness. For this reason I have created a Youtube channel (this is also new to me), where I will upload small videos with techniques, strategies and know-how in order to maintain a calm attitude and managing stress. They will be resources that we can easily practice to take care of our holistic health: mental health, emotional health, spiritual health and physical health.

Many thanks to those who helped me create this channel.


I wait for you on the YOUTUBE CHANNEL

I really look forward to subscribing and sharing with you this channel.

I wish you much holistic health, love and lots of light to overcome this situation.


Teresa Puyol


HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, from confinement, we provide emotional support to those who need it.

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