Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Flowing with positive emotions.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Professionals qualified in the field of psychology and pedagogy.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Make the best of us.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
A team of professionals oriented training and advice in the field of human.
Desenvolupament Humà is a company formed by a team of professionals oriented training and advice in the field of human. Our aim is to facilitate new learning and support change processes in order to develop potential and personal resources as a way to live and coexist with more harmony and personal well-being and collective • group. It has the aim to facilitate and improve interpersonal communication between people and organizations.

Who are we?
The Desenvolupament Humà team comprises qualified professionals in the field of psychology and education, with proven experience in:
  • training
  • Advice and Guidance (Coaching)
  • Recruitment

Facilitating new learning and change processes:
Teresa Puyol (Teaching - coach- NLP Practitioner)
Expert management and emotional constellation • Facilities
Daniel Llaudet (Psychologist - coach - NLP Practitioner)
Expert recruitment and nonverbal communication
• With the co-operation of Josep Maria Anguera (Coach - NLP Practitioner) Human Development as a trainer, trained with our methodology and know-how. As an added value can teach courses with angles

Our values
We believe in human potential and the capacity to develop it, to lead our lives in a more responsible, eco, us, with others and with society.

Our reason for being
Our mission is to enable our customers to develop their full human potential.
Encourage and motivate people to discover the best of themselves through their personal and professional growth.
Facilitate learning that contribute to the quality of personal and professional life, from mental habits, physical and emotional.
Our vision is to contribute to Develop Human Values ​​in Organizations and individuals dominated: Enthusiasm, trust, respect, responsibility, commitment and work in synergy to improve human relations, quality of life and Excel • personal excellence.

Added value
Training tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients
  • Learn playfully experimenting
  • Interact from neurological level.
  • Courses aimed at "building the future" and "create teams"
  • Developing the first "be" rather than "having" or "DO"
  • Strengthen confidence and self-esteem
  • Possibility of giving courses in language inglesa