Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Flowing with positive emotions.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Professionals qualified in the field of psychology and pedagogy.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Make the best of us.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
A team of professionals oriented training and advice in the field of human.

The Recruitment is the first step to optimize the teams.

In this regard, we support companies in order to develop the human and professional profile that best suits the job.

Once we have agreed and defined the characteristics that should this person do the interviews necessary to select the candidate / a profile that best suits default.

Interview oriented towards the future.

The interview with preselected people, complemented by active observation techniques, in order to gauge whether your non-verbal communication is consistent with what we manifest.

The assessment of a candidate is based on three levels:

  • Analysis of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Morfopsicològic study (study of personality through the analysis of the features of the face)
  • Graphology study (study of personality through the analysis of spelling / lyrics)
  • We can also help us with technical psychometric and projective techniques