Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Flowing with positive emotions.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Professionals qualified in the field of psychology and pedagogy.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
Make the best of us.
Desenvolupament Humà Government  Barcelona
A team of professionals oriented training and advice in the field of human.
Systemic coaching methodology gives us a broader new look at situations that can cause us difficulty, conflict, frustration, etc.

Through the art of maieutics (Socratic method based questions) and clarified locate and define the starting point is that we want to achieve both personal and work.

It enables individuals or teams, identify their own talents and areas for improvement in order to mobilize resources and achieve success.

Our systemic coaching sessions are aimed at personal and professional excellence, to make the most of each and generate better relationships in order to have a perception of personal harmony.

But developing leadership skills, communication, teamwork ...

When the problems are entrenched, it should be a more "quantum" to sort respecting the laws of the systems. This approach achieved through the family and organizational constellations. This is a methodology that allows us to very quickly and very clearly, have a comprehensive holistic diagnosis of all parties involved. Restore the balance of the whole system, whether family or organizational system.

The sessions are tailored to each client.